OH&S Policy Statement

Our employees come first

Pak Iron is aware that operating its business in re-rolling services, there are some significant health & safety aspects to be handled. It is therefore essential that all stakeholders concerned with the operations of the company take appropriate steps to protect personnel from harm. To this end we at Pak Iron commit to the following statements:

  1. To operate our business with regard to the health & safety of all persons affected by our operations in order to prevent harm
  2. To use appropriate safety equipment and work to approved systems when undertaking our work.
  3. To integrate health & safety issues into our decision making
  4. To continually look for ways to and improve our health & safety systems.
  5. To educate and train our employees in safe working practices
  6. To ensure compliance with relevant health & safety legislation and other requirements related to our operations
  7. To set and achieve our health & safety objectives and targets
  8. Provide personal protective equipment to personnel
  9. Provide adequate first aid, emergency procedures and access to appropriately trained personnel

We also strive to continually improve our system with the help of a team of competent, dependable and hardworking employees.