Pak Iron


Pak-iron is a third-generation group involved in the field of steel manufacture and supplier. Located in the business and Industrial python of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pak Iron has consistently sustained integrity and superiority in the field of steel production. Since the dated time of 2008, Pak Iron became not only a backbone but a channel through which billet supply for M/S Pak steel Rolling Mills was taking place. Now, in all its fundamental attributes, the Steel company has managed to redefine supreme quality and structural steel branding. Our new state-of-the-art Automatic Mill allows us to capture the architectural visions of our customers. Not only do we get the work done in a laid-out time span, but our quality products ensure you are never to be disappointed! Our engineers, managers, and technical team of experts is always available and ready to assist in providing apt knowledge on the requirements and support needed. At Pak Iron, our motto is “safe structures”, which is why it is the only Steel Mill in the concerned region to have signed a Health and Safety ISO to keep our employees safe from risk and harm.

Pak Iron is a third generation group in the line of steel manufacturers and suppliers. Situated in the business and industrial centers of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Pak Iron till 2008 was a group concern and backbone of quality management through billet supply for M/s Pak Steel Re-Rolling Mills. Now Pak Iron is in production of deformed steel bars and structural steel from a brand new state of the art Automatic Mill.


Pak Iron is being run and managed by a combination of industry professionals, engineers, accountants and managers. We are confident that with our technical know-how, working knowledge and practical experience, we can meet the requirements of our clients.


We at Pak Iron believe in “Strengthening Your Tomorrow” through our steel, and maintaining high levels of safety for our employees, that is why Pak Iron is the first Health and Safety ISO Certified Mill in the region. We believe it is our corporate responsibility for keeping our employees safe.



Our Commitment
  • To operate our business in accordance with the safety of our personnel, ensuring all machinery used is approved and in prime working condition
  • Use safety equipment when undertaking projects
  • To integrate health & safety issues into our decision making
  • Continually aim to look for ways to improve our work safety and ensure our employees are given the required training
  • To set and achieve our health and safety objectives, and to update them when necessary
  • Provide safety equipment to our personnel
  • Provide first aid and emergency procedures. Our employees are also given access to training to further solidify their knowledge and familiarize them with the work ambiance .
  • We strive to further improve our system with the help of our team and dependable employees.
Safety of employees

Pak Iron is aware that in the industry of re-rolling services, there are potential health aspects we must keep in mind to ensure the safety and security of our employees. It is thus, the utmost importance that all our current and potential stakeholders are aware of the protocol for safety measures we take to ensure our personnel are kept lengths away from harm. To integrate this into our everyday environment,


With the increased global reliance on laboratories, Pak Iron has established the most modern Quality Control (QC) lab to maintain the highest quality precision standards. We, at Pak Iron strictly adhere to the ASTM and BSI international standards. Our QC section samples each lot/batch and inspects the quality of various levels of production. We at Pak Iron are equipped with both chemical and physical laboratories at our facilities.
“Our employees come first”

Pak Iron is aware that operating its business in re-rolling services, there are some significant health & safety aspects to be handled. It is therefore essential that all stakeholders concerned with the operations of the company take appropriate steps to protect personnel from harm.

To this end we at Pak Iron commit to the following statements:

1. To operate our business with regard to the health & safety of all persons affected by our operations in order to prevent harm

2. To use appropriate safety equipment and work to approved systems when undertaking our work.

3. To integrate health & safety issues into our decision making

4. To continually look for ways to and improve our health & safety systems.

5. To educate and train our employees in safe working practices

6. To ensure compliance with relevant health & safety legislation and other requirements related to our operations

7. To set and achieve our health & safety objectives and targets

8. Provide personal protective equipment to personnel

9. Provide adequate first aid, emergency procedures and access to appropriately trained personnel

We also strive to continually improve our system with the help of a team of competent, dependable and hardworking employees.